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The world of economy & business is complex & ever changing . which is why decision makers in the arab world rely on AL-Bank Wal-Mustathmer.

AL-Bank Wal-Mustathmer is a monthly banking & investment magazine in arabic language that serves as an information tool for affluent leaders in business and economy

As a key market player since its first publication in January 1998 AL-Bank Wal-Mustathmer fills the need for thoughtful in-depth content for business executives who are looking for useful intelligence to help them unlock their potential , manage and grow their business , and stay on top of global & regional banking & Investment issues and trends
Our editors , writers , and subject matter experts from international and regional offices in Lebanon , Syria & Dubai & Istanbul ask the question that tackle not only what is happening , but also "Why" and "How"

Strategic market analysis and insights 

  • Economic barometer and forecasts 
  • Technological advancement and reviews 
  • In-depth corporate profiles & business rankings 
  • Top economists , entrepreneurs & innovators 
  • Expert advice and best practices

   ABWM Topics

  • Banking & Investment
  • Technology
  • Events
  • Business
  • Tourism

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Magagroup Managers , Editors , Designers , developpers .....

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